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We are dedicated to providing high quality free psychic content in the areas of Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Love and Relationships, Dream Interpretation, and Astrology Readings, with more topics being added every day. Take advantage of our free psychic readings from our expert advisors, you have nothing to lose, so why not talk to an expert today! They can assist you with all aspects of your life, including your love relationships, dating, finding your true soul partner, and family love and relationships. Get psychic predictions using our free Tarot Reading and Astrology experts and get insights into your Dreams with free Dream Interpretations.

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   Who are "Psychics"

If you look up the word 'psychic' in the dictionary, you'll see that it comes from the Greek word 'Psyche', the "soul, spirit, and mind". A psychic is extremely sensitive in these areas.  Psychics have the ability to see things and situations hidden from the normal person, and scientists throughout the world have attemped to define and analyse this phenomenon with little success. But the psychic phenomena does exist, and is widespread in the United States. Polls show that the majority of people believe that this sensory perception does exist, and at one time or another have experienced an unexplained 'feeling' of being in tune with their psychic abilities.

A Psychic is simply an individual who's extra-sensory perception is developed to a higher degree than normal. This high degree of sensitivity in certain individuals have created a multi-billion dollar industry where these gifted psychics give expert advice to thousands of clients. Some famous psychics have been subject to critics who attribute the powers of these individuals to intentional trickery. However, the continued popularity of the psychics contridict this...who's going to put forth this amount of money and get no results??

Parapsychologists have claimed that there is solid evidence for extrasensory perception and psychokinesis. Their work is also disputed. Yet people remain convinced, through personal experience, that these phenomina truly do exist! Many individuals have experienced the mysteries of our world, and you probably have also. A Personal Psychic is trained to draw out your para-normal aura through one-on-one discussions.


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Me? Psychic? Why Not!

by Rhyanna Regan

Have you ever thought that you might be psychic? Or even wondered how someone else could be psychic? Certainly everyone experiences the world through the five senses – but what about that sixth sense?

Some people have a gift for singing with perfect pitch. Others may have a photographic memory, remembering every detail of their lives, even recalling whole books that they’ve read. It’s possible for some people to have 20/20 eyesight while most people need to wear glasses every day. When wine experts taste a glass of fine wine and know the variety and vintage of the wine, they are usually relying on a very skilled sense of smell in addition to the sense of taste.

These are just some of the very normal ways we know of where individuals have a heightened ability in one sense or another. Why would that not be true for psychic sense? We can accept that there are people who have special abilities, or powers, of communication or vision or sensing beyond our physical world, because we so often see how individuals’ ability to experience any sense can vary so dramatically.

At the same time, we also know that it is possible to improve your abilities to use your senses. A person can practice singing to develop their pitch. Mental games, crossword puzzles and study drills are techniques that can improve your memory. In other words, practicing and paying attention to your senses can help you increase your ability to interpret the sensations of smell, taste, sight or other physical and mental experiences. Could that also work with your psychic sense?

Its Perfectly Normal!

Everyone can recall an experience that makes you feel that something more than a simple coincidence has occurred.

  • Thinking of a friend or schoolmate who you haven’t seen or thought about for years, then bumping into them in a shop or park.
  • Idly thinking of a family member, who unexpectedly calls on the phone.
  • A near-miss of an accident, because you felt compelled to linger for just a few minutes before crossing the street.
  • A stroke of luck, finding money on the street and feeling like your eye was drawn to a spot just to see it.

Some say that there are no coincidences, that events are created by energy and thoughts which exist beyond our ability to measure or record them. The Law of Attraction is a popular new philosophy, based on the idea that thinking about what you want will draw those things into your life.

When a psychic gives a reading and projects future event for you, perhaps that creates a path for those events to find you and become your reality!

Pay Attention to Your Senses

Often after we have one of these “coincident” experiences (Because we all do have them!) we remark about it with our friends, shake our heads, “How about that?!”, then just forget about it and go on with our day. What would happen if you truly paid attention to those events? Perhaps a deeper understanding of your own psychic sense would begin to emerge.

You can begin very simply by keeping a journal. When an unusual thought about someone comes to you, take notice! Jot it down, just briefly. Track dates and times, and include simple descriptions. Make it an easy project by keeping your pen and paper, or handheld computer, nearby, ready for your notes.

After a few days, it will become second nature. Researchers tell us that when an activity is followed for thirty days, it becomes a habit. In just a month, you’ll have developed the habit of paying attention to your thoughts!

Include your dreams in your “Extra Senses Journal”. Scientists have learned that everyone spends part of their sleep time dreaming, but not everyone will remember them. Of course some dreams are dramatic or vivid enough to stay in your consciousness after you wake, but you can also train yourself to remember most of your dreams.

If, or really when, some following event occurs that relates to that thought, document it in your journal. Explore your thoughts and feelings – pay attention!

More Than a Feeling

If you use the journal to create a record of your thoughts and experiences, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to recognize some relationships growing between your thoughts and events in your life.

Another aspect of this exercise in understanding your own psychic senses is to learn to recognize and trust your thoughts and feelings. Again, it’s very common and perfectly normal to see this in hindsight: “I KNEW that would happen!” The fact is, you did know, but you weren’t consciously acknowledging your thoughts, or paying attention to the message.

When you review your journal, you’ll see how often your thoughts had true meaning. You’ll begin to recognize the power of your thoughts, and you’ll understand that you can trust your instincts to reveal the truth.

ME! A Psychic!

There’s no denying that some people have extraordinary talents or abilities, whether we’re talking about singing or psychics. A professional psychic can act as a 'coach' who can give you valuable advice. When you find a psychic who is able to develop a true communication with you, you’ll be able to appreciate your level of ability. However, even if you don't have a psychic adviser right now, continue to explore and improve your psychic abilities on your own. Who know what you might learn?

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